The ancient residence of the Casale della Falcognana

Vintage-style atmosphere and magic

The ancient residence of Casale della Falcognana, a luxury resort in the countryside of Rome, is a perfect blend of marvellous artistic details, evoking the glorious glory of Ancient Rome and the superb architecture steeped in history and deeply rooted traditions. The artwork of very talented painters triumph on the walls of the ancient village and luxury resort.Today, these same frescoes and precious wooden coffered ceilings enhance the design of the home.




Style Details

All these artistic details of the home will transform your banquets and your stays into magical and evocative moments.

About Us

"Live a party like a home"

We knew the Casale della Falcognana for a previous marriage spent in this simple but wonderful place. We met Graziella and the staff of Ristogatti almost by chance and it was immediately love. We were treated very well, Graziella and Livia accompanied us until the wedding date, fulfilling our every wish ...

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Lidia Marianna Scorretti

In our marriage food was the first thing to take care of and with this catering we did it great! We had already tasted dishes at a wedding of friends and we were in love with it ... It was all special, people did nothing but compliment us on the goodness and freshness of the dishes ... They take only villas with kitchens because they cook on the spot and you can hear it!

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Maura Iacomussi

My guests didn't miss a course! To say that their cuisine is good, it's little! The ingredients are fresh and of the highest quality ... I do not need to add much, their cuisine describes itself ... You will realize it by tasting. Graziella is an angel ... As far as she can, she satisfies every request. I'm really really satisfied ... Thanks

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